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Advanced, integrated sub-surface Imaging
Quantum Imager
Offering unsurpassed resolution and depth
Aquisition Software
Geared toward the quick and easy location of targets

US Radar is a leading innovator of ground penetrating radar (GPR), systems. If you need to see what is on the other side of a surface, the high-profile Triple Frequency GPRover Mapping System can safely help you define what you can’t see with the bare eye.

GPR technology was first developed by ERA Technology of Leatherhead, Surrey, England, in the 1980s to locate plastic landmines as part of a British Ministry of Defense contract. It helped reduce the risk of locating these dangerous, time-delayed bombs through rubble and in the ground. After performing admirably, commercial versions of the technology were developed in 1990, incorporating improvements that made it more user-friendly to the private sector and accessible to the masses.

US Radar was formed in 1994 as the ERA Technology commercial market introduction partner. It’s original mission was to promote the Seeker SPR technology, determine and test new applications, and identify and implement product improvements.

In 2002, US Radar acquired complete manufacturing and engineering capabilities and worldwide customer marketing, support and service from ERA Technology.

Since then, US Radar has developed numerous product and software innovations and continues to strive toward excellence in technological advancement, product support and application satisfaction from its worldwide customer base.

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