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Modular Slope Monitoring Radar
MSR IV Esprit
Modular Slope Monitoring Radar
Multi Purpose Platform
Sub-Surface Profiler

Reutech Mining is a passionate company dedicated to developing and manufacturing innovative technologies for the management of safety within the mining industry. They have been at the forefront of technological innovation for mining safety for more than a decade.

The company was established in 2006 after being approached by leaders in the mining industry to develop advanced geotechnical monitoring solutions. Since then the company has focused on providing and improving real-time mine safety for surface- and underground applications, as well as contributing towards notable increases in the production output of many mines globally.

The company’s mission is to understand the mining environment and to provide the industry with world class products.

Safety and Productivity through Accuracy and Reliability



Our solutions improve safety and reduce risk throughout the industry. To achieve this, we incorporate best practices and lessons learnt as a fundamental first step in our product development cycle. This ensures that our products are always at the centre of a safe operational environment.



Productivity is not achieved by working harder but by working smarter. Our product range reflects this fundamental philosophy and is directly translated to our clients’ operations that benefit from smart products that improve productivity.



At Reutech Mining we believe that innovation is the corner stone of great product design. This drives our uncompromising desire to deliver highly accurate products that challenges what is normal and pushes the boundaries of what is possible.



Reliability has been the key to our success since day one. With an unwavering focus on reliability, all  our products are engineered to do what they are supposed to do, all the time.

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