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Trinity Pro
Designed to Evolve
Trinity F90+
Mapping Drone

Transforming decision-making through aerial data intelligence

Whether for geospatial, precision agriculture, open-cast mining or the construction industry – Quantum-Systems’ long-range, automatic transition aircraft captures and delivers data from above for enhanced and sustainable decision making. To fulfil their mission, Quantum-Systems puts great importance on the perfect interaction between hardware and software.

Quantum-Systems drones are generally software and supplier independent. This way customers have the flexibility to choose the software they prefer and configure a solution that fits their individual needs for enhanced decision-making.

All Quantum-Systems components are developed 100% in-house in Germany. This includes the hardware, autopilot, as well as QBase 3D Mission Planning and Control Software. QBase 3D is perfectly tailored to their UAVs, making daily operation for the user as easy and intuitive as possible.

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