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TrueView 435
Utility-Grade 3D Imaging Sensor
TrueView 515
All Purpose Mapping-Grade Sensor
TrueView EVO
Post-Processing Software
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GeoCue is one of the largest supplier of kinematic LIDAR processing tools in North America.

In 2014, GeoCue Group started a division focused on using small Unmanned Aerial Systems for high accuracy mapping. Leveraging their expertise in production, risk reduction, and point cloud processing tools, they are continuing to bring new products to market to provide geospatial professionals exciting tools for geospatial data extraction.

GeoCue has developed a family of 3D imaging sensors partnered with processing software and post deployment support to offer users a fully integrated solution for drone mapping applications.

The True View® product series uses a common hardware and software foundation for a family of sensors.

True View offers an innovative drone mapping solutions supporting LIDAR, photogrammetry, and direction geo-referencing solutions integrated in lightweight payloads. It allows for fast, easy automated generation of true 3D colorized point clouds, oblique imagery and orthophotos from a single drone flight.


Data Collection

Collect LIDAR and Photogrammetry in a single flight. True View 3DIS can be mounted on just about any UAV platform!


Data Processing

True View EVO software is bundled with every True View 3DIS. EVO will generate a 3D LIDAR point cloud in LAS format, colorize the point cloud, and geotag the images collected.


Data Management

Manage True View Points and Sensor Calibration Files along with hosting your True View Data in our Reckon Portal.

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