Quantum Mini

Concrete Scanner

Suitable for all concrete scanning applications


The Quantum Mini concrete scanner is the market’s first and only true dual-frequency range concrete scanner.

With a 1000 MHz antenna for analyzing structures as deep as 1.8m and a 2000MHz antenna for high-resolution fine analysis of short-range targets, you can expect superior imaging packed into a portable and easy-to-operate system.

Hardware Technologies

  • Stepped Pulse Multi-Frequency GPR
  • SmartGain 2
  • Adjustable handle
  • Laser alignment
  • Self-Calibrating

Software Technologies

  • SmartStack
  • StreetSmart Real-Time Processing
  • Auto Config
  • Depth Calibration



The Quantum Mini’s versatility makes it suitable for any and ALL concrete scanning applications.



Why Dual Bandwidth?

All other concrete scanners on the market only offer ONE bandwidth or the other. This means the average user must sacrifice depth for high resolution scales, or vice versa.

With both 1000 and 2000 MHz antennas, you get the detail associated with high resolution, while also being able to see far beyond the concrete slab.

This ensures concrete can be properly laid and that a firm understanding of what lies underneath is achieved.

Dual bandwidth gives users the assurance of a job well done!


Key Features

Tablet Interface

  • 4 Inch Daylight Readable LCD Display
  • Onboard 3D Processing
  • Processor: Multi-Core Intel Atom
  • Solid State 32GB Hard Drive
  • Windows 7 Embedded

Laser Alignment

  • Vertical and horizontal laser alignment
  • Allows for perfectly straight passes
  • Helps for accurate mark-out

USB Port

  • Easily export data to memory sticks on-the-go
  • Exports to the following formats: Screenshot and Slice (.png) , Seismic Unix (.su), Seg-Y (.sgy), Auto-report points (.rtf), and printer-friendly

Adjustable Handle

  • Sturdy grip handle adjusts for variety of jobs
  • Two handle system allows for easy use on walls, floors, and non-flat surfaces
  • Stop/start button for quick, easy passes

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