100 Series GPR

Geotechnical System

The greatest realistic penetration that GPR can provide


The 100 Series geophysical scanner systems offer the greatest realistic penetration that ground penetrating radar (GPR) can provide.

It is used for locating deeper targets up  to 30.48m. Typically, this system is most often used for locating tunnels and for geophysical analysis.

Think of your 100 Series system as more than a high-powered GPR device.

When conducting a survey, you are doing more than seeing beneath the surface. You are compiling essential data that can be used to create an instant deliverable in the field – right from your tablet controller.

This ensures everyone is on the same page and operating from a shared point-of-reference with greater efficiency, safety, and confidence.


The 100 Series is one of our most versatile systems, as the tablet and software are interchangeable with our other systems. This means that you can easily convert a 100 Series into one of our many other configurations for more high-resolution scanning applications.

Featured Technologies

  • Self-Calibrating Antenna
  • SmartGain
  • SmartStack
  • StreetSmart Onboard Processing
  • Autoconfiguration
  • Broadband GPR
  • Depth Calibration


  • Locating Deep/Large Utilities
  • Environmental
  • Geophysics
  • Military
  • Strategic

Key Features


  • Rugged, dedicated control unit
  • Daylight readable screen
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • High performance CPU for onboard, real-time processing
  • 3D view capable
  • 2 USB Ports


  • Optional GPS Pole mount
  • Enables GPS to be centered over antenna
  • Integrates with most high-end GIS and RTK units
  • Optional integration with Google Earth


  • 2 Battery packs included with each system
  • Total runtime of 10 hours
  • Typical lifetime of several years


  • Airless, solid tires require Zero maintenance
  • Reduced friction means smooth and easy passes
  • Helps antenna to overcome obstacles


  • Easily overcomes obstacles and rough terrain
  • Powerful low-frequency 100 MHz antenna for unmatched depth penetration


  • Never worry about loose connections
  • Connectors Hold up in various weather conditions

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