Trimble Kestrel System

Seismo-Geodetic System

Create a combined GNSS and accelerometer stream in real-time


The Trimble Kestrel System provides the user with high rate GNSS and accelerometer data, full epoch-to-epoch measurement integrity and, using the Trimble SeismoGeodetic App, the ability to create a combined GNSS and accelerometer stream (200 sps high resolution displacement time series) in real-time.

The system has been designed and built using the latest technology and includes the following advanced features:

  • Combined true acceleration (200 sps) and displacement (10 sps) observations: GNSS displacement processing from on board receiver (Trimble® CenterPoint™ RTX™ technology)
  • Instantaneous processed displacements recorded and transmitted from the receiver
  • ANSS Class A: Force-Balance Accelerometer, triaxial (internal)
  • GNSS receiver with the latest Trimble-precise Maxwell™6 processor supporting tracking GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo frequencies
  • Unified recording format of both seismic and geodetic data
  • Low power
  • Rapid data transmission algorithm
  • Error-correction protocol with backfill algorithm for data integrity
  • τc and Pd calculation in real-time for EEW
  • Raw data post processing using:
    • Forward Kalman filter
    • Backward Kalman filter
    • Smoothing with forward-backward filter
    • User defined filter parameters
    • Different geodetic antenna options
    • Low maintenance
    • Data modules for high resolution acceleration and displacement data (10 or 200 sps) to real-time processing software: Earthworm and SeisComp3


  • Combines seismic recording with GNSS Geodetic Measurements
  • 20 Channel GNSS Receiver
  • GNSS Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Correction
  • Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) Class A Triaxial Accelerometer

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