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Trimble 4D Lite

Monitoring Software

Visit projects periodically, collect data and display and analyze the data


Many monitoring projects do not require continuous measurements. With Trimble 4D Lite, surveyors, engineers, scientists and others can visit projects periodically, collect data and display and analyze the data without the need for a complex real time monitoring system. T4D Lite is a cloud-based web application designed with the same advanced web interface and back-end stability that you have come to expect with Trimble 4D Control, with the advantage that this is available for the analysis of any form of data time series.

Trimble TerraFlex Integration

Trimble 4D Lite is now integrated with the Trimble TerraFlex Software to provide an advanced cloud-based application for surveyors, engineers and scientists to perform campaign monitoring of data/time series without the need to integrate directly with onsite hardware and sensors.

TerraFlex allows for easy capture of sensor data. T4D Lite stores all captured data and offers functionality to plot, export, visualize and analyze historic data over long periods of time. By combining these two systems, you can create tasks for your field workers to capture sensor data on their mobile devices. The sensor data is then sent to TerraFlex and synchronized with T4D Lite. T4D Lite can be used to meet campaign monitoring needs of installations on dams, bridges, mines, landslides, buildings and other natural and man-made hazards or structures using sensors to monitor health. Data can be integrated from a wide range of sensors. The data can be visualized and analyzed on a variety of interactive charts and scatter plots and the sensors can be viewed in context with the structure using a variety of backdrops including maps, plans or photographs.

By using TerraFlex as the field data collection/tasking solution, users can now leverage the full benefits of the T4D Lite Solution!


  • Periodic monitoring of any data time series
  • User defined sensors and data
  • Advanced visualization and analysis tool
  • Easy access to the monitoring world

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