REF TEK Wrangler

Compact Broadband Seismometer

Powerful Performance


The all-new REF TEK Wrangler high resolution broadband seismic recorder offers powerful performance with the latest seismic measurement technology in a lightweight and easy to use housing. Whether your deployment is a portable or permanent installation, the flexible configuration delivers reliable, robust data from geophysical sensors when and where you need it.

The Wrangler is REF TEK’s latest generation broadband seismic recorder featuring a 32-bit A/D performance boost and boasting a large dynamic range. This enhanced dynamic range enables the Wrangler to record very small vibrations from seismic sensors providing detailed data for scientific analysis.

Key Features

  • Greater than 142 dB dynamic range delivers detailed event data, for high quality scientific analysis
  • The Built-in Seedlink server provides robust data transmission, so you always have all the data from your sensors
  • 8 GB of dedicated non-volatile memory means a large data transmission ring buffer, just in case a communication outage occurs
  • Environmentally protected removable mass data storage, makes swapping USB drives effortless
  • Small and lightweight for easy backpack friendly deployment


Permanent and temporary broadband seismic installations including:

  • Local and regional broadband seismic networks
  • Aftershock and portable deployments
  • Earthquake Early Warning networks (EEW)
  • Microzonation earthquake studies

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