REF TEK 160-03

High Resolution Seismic Recorder

Self-contained, fully integrated Aftershock System


The 160-03 is a self-contained, fully integrated Aftershock System providing the customer with simple and quick deployment during aftershock emergency mobilization.

The 160-03, 6-channel recorder contains three major components integrated in one case:

  • 24-bit resolution low power ADC with CPU and Lid interconnect boards
  • Power source
  • Three component 2 Hz sensors (two horizontals and one vertical) and a triaxial MEMS accelerometer

The self-contained rechargeable battery pack provides power autonomy up to 7 days during continuous data acquisition at 200 sps on three recording channels. For longer power autonomy, the 160-03 Aftershock System battery pack can be charged from an external source (solar power system). To download recorded data the customer simply removes the USB stick and connects to any PC.

For station operation verification, the customer is able to display real-time data acquired by the 160-03 using the iFSC Controller connected to the system via wireless (Wi-Fi) communication.

Aftershock study provides practical information for local authorities regarding the post earthquake activity, which is very important in order to conduct the necessary actions for public safety. The 160-03 meets the critical requirements for rapid aftershock mobilization.


  • Self-contained aftershock study system
  • Seven-day power autonomy
  • Integrated short period sensors
  • Compact and light weight
  • State-of-the-art ADC
  • No user setup in the field

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