REF TEK 130S-01

High Resolution Seismic Recorder

Compact, light-weight, low-power and requires less maintenance


The 130S Broadband Seismic Recorder is compact, light-weight, low-power and requires less maintenance than other recorders. Not only is the hardware optimized for field deployments, software tools have been specially developed to support both field and base station operation.

The 130S is available with three or six input channels (for connection to any sensor available in the seismology market).

To maintain accurate time over a long period, the 130S uses both a high-precision TCXO and an external reference provided by the GPS Receiver/Clock that uses GPS for time, frequency and position reference.

Setup, control, and status monitoring is accomplished with either: the iFSC App which works with the iPod Touch and iPhone via a WiFi Serial Adaptor; or from a PC/workstation via the NET connector using the Trimble REF TEK Interface software (RTI) without a terminal device attached.

The 130S is low-power and operates from 12 Volt power sources, making it ideal for portable deployment in a variety of environments where AC power is not available.


  • State-of-the-art ADC for BB/SP seismometers
  • Small size and light weight
  • Modular hardware and software
  • IP communications over Ethernet and Asynchronous Serial
  • Embedded/removable mass storage

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