Strong Motion Accelerograph

Delivers accurate and timely data and information for seismic events


The 130 Strong Motion High Resolution Recorder combines the functionality of the 130S Broadband Seismic Recorder and an advanced low-noise, force-balance, triaxial accelerometer to deliver accurate data and information for seismic events, including their impact on buildings and structures.

The 130-SMHR meets the USGS Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) specifications for strong motion reference stations for deployment in urban areas and has an internal high resolution force-balance accelerometer with a dynamic range >155dB, and a high precision oscillator for precise time-keeping. The time keeping accuracy is ±10 µsec with GPS locked and a validated 3-D fix.

The 130-SMHR advanced communication features include TC/IP over Ethernet and asynchronous serial. To setup and control the 130-SMHR you can use the iFSC Controller or a desktop computer running the RTI software. The 130-SMHR case allows the installation of an internal battery to provide backup power for more than 48 hours.

An LCD displays health and status information, and the command/control interface allows the users to program and examine the instrument’s operating parameters and perform important diagnostic functions, such as acquisition status, sensor calibration and trigger parameters.

Key Features

  • Low noise force-balance accelerometer
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Simultaneous telemetry and local-recording
  • Low power


  • Free-field recording
  • Structural monitoring for buildings, bridges and dams
  • Regional telemetry networks
  • Aftershock studies

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