High Resolution Strong Motion Recorder

Flexibility to deploy dense sensor arrays around a structure at their discretion


This centralized system provides users with the flexibility to deploy dense sensor arrays around a structure at their discretion. For sites requiring large numbers of recording channels, multiple 130-MCs can be networked together to achieve common triggering of all channels in the system and common time synchronization, establishing a robust solution for large scale projects. Built-in advanced telemetry allows for real-time and on-demand data collection for every channel.

The seismic based recording system has a powerful CPU to handle the recording of multiple data streams simultaneously from a variety of sensors. In the case of power failure, the 130-MC will continue autonomously with data acquisition for more than 72 hours, running on up to four internal 12V DC batteries.

For intuitive analysis of the data, our strong motion data processing software offers user options for calculating such functions as CAV, raw and corrected acceleration, Arias intensity, velocity, displacement, response spectra, PSDs and FFTs.


  • 6-18 fully integrated recording channels
  • 24-bit output A/D resolution
  • IP based communications over Ethernet and Asynchronous Serial
  • Embedded / removable mass storage
  • Remote alerting for both event and alarm triggers

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