Integrated GNSS System

Go Further than you ever thought possible!


The R12 reiceiver has been engineered for improved performance in challenging GNSS conditions with ground-breaking signal management and rugged durability.

Powered by NEW Trimble ProPoint™ GNSS Technology, you can now go further than you ever thought possible.

More than 30% better performance in challenging environments:

  • Accurate – A precise solution for repeatable results.
  • Reliable – Real time error estimates in Trimble Access that empower the surveyor.
  • Productive – Faster convergence means less time spent measuring points in the field.
  • Better RTK performance near canopy – Increased accuracy, reliability and productivity near tree canopy.
  • Robust performance in Urban environment – Advanced signal filtering and error modelling provide better protection against jamming and multipath.
  • Flexible signal management – Survey-grade positioning using moct combinations of GNSS constellations and signals.
  • More signals, more satellites – Advanced tracking and GNSS signal management means superior RTK positioning in more places.


  • Trimble ProPoint™ GNSS Technology – Improved performance in challenging GNSS conditions*, with ground breaking signal management that leverages the latest developments in GNSS signal infrastructure and Trimble receiver hardware.
  • Trimble SurePoint™ Technology – Precise position capture with eBubble and compass-based tilt compensation.
  • Trimble CenterPoint® RTX Corrections Technology – Provides RTK level precision worldwide without the need for a base station or VRS network.
  • Trimble 360 Technology – 672 channels with support for all available and future GNSS signals, and improved protection from interference and spoofed signals.
  • Trimble xFill® Technology – Keeps you working in radio and cellular black spots with continuous RTK coverage.
  • 672 GNSS channels
  • 8 mm Hor / 15 mm Vert Real Time Kinematic (RTK) precision.
  • Receive & Transmit with wideband UHF radio, up to 2 Watt
  • Android & iOS platform support for BYOD workflows
  • Integrated GNSS antenna
  • Web-based user interface

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