Trimble Catalyst

Software-based Receiver

High accuracy on-demand GPS positioning service for your smartphone.

It’s a GPS, but not as you know it…


Trimble Catalyst is GPS positioning-as-a-service for Android smartphones and tablets.

To build Catalyst, Trimble have extracted the core of their hardware GPS receiver technology and transformed it into a software service that can run inside an app on your phone. So all you have to do is select a service plan to get on-demand accuracy, directly to your mobile device.

With the addition of a simple, light-weight USB antenna, running the Catalyst service app on your Android device can turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful centimetre accurate mapping, navigation, and measurement instrument that you can use with any location-enabled app or service.

Trimble Catalyst is a revolutionary GNSS concept, bringing Trimble quality and precise (1-2 cm) positioning to the location-enabled workforce. With Catalyst, Trimble delivers “professional-grade positioning” to the masses as an on-demand, user-based service.

Using the service, any location-enabled Android field app can utilize the power of Trimble positioning technology and benefit from the productivity improvements that come from working with precise location.

  • Delivers accuracy on-demand for any location-enabled field task leveraging the computing power and convenience of the Android device that is already in your pocket.

  • Supports most modern Android phones & tablets.

  • Suitable for small, medium, and large scale field deployments through flexible and scalable on demand subscription offerings.

  • Simple, lightweight, plug-and-play USB antenna delivers professional grade multi-frequency GNSS satellite tracking to the receiver.

  • Worldwide and configuration-free access to Trimble correction services through Trimble Corrections Hub, which bundles access to Trimble VRS Now and Trimble RTX services.

  • Works in connected and offline conditions.

Since Catalyst’s revolutionary technology features a software GNSS receiver that delivers high accuracy positioning with an on-demand subscription service, you only pay for it when you need it.

How it works

STEP 1 – Choose a Trimble Catalyst enabled app
STEP 2 – Plug the Catalyst DA1 antenna into your Android phone or tablet’s USB port
STEP 3 – Select a subscription based on your accuracy requirements

Choose your accuracy

Four premium accuracy levels (Precision, Decimeter, Sub-meter, and One meter), as well as a “Freemium” mode which delivers basic 2-3 m performance.

Catalyst users pay only for the accuracy level they want, for the time they want to use it.


Trimble’s professional GNSS correction services are bundled with the premium service, so all you need to do is choose your precision level. Subscribe monthly, or for as little as 10 hours per year with Catalyst On Demand, and cancel at any time

World-wide service availability

Catalyst can be used just about anywhere. Utilizing a range of correction sources, including SBAS, Trimble RTX and Trimble VRS networks, Catalyst delivers the accuracy you need worldwide.

Catalyst subscriptions include worldwide and configuration-free access to Trimble correction services through the Trimble Corrections Hub (TCH). TCH dynamically selects the appropriate correction service based on the environment, availability, and your subscription level. Or, you can use your own local correction sources if you prefer.





Field App options

Apps are the key to the innovation of Catalyst. Any location-enabled workflow can take high precision GNSS and add value or drive efficiency through the benefits of affordable, accessible precision.

Choose from Trimble’s own Catalyst-ready apps, such as Trimble TerraFlex and Trimble Penmap for Android. Or, bring your own app and see how Catalyst transforms the way you work.


Mapping & Asset Management

With Catalyst you can create accurate maps with points lines and polygon-based mapping workflows. Choose from a wide range of Catalyst SDK enabled and third-party apps using digital form- and map-driven workflows.

Example apps: Trimble TerraFlex, Survey 123, Collector for ArcGIS, K-Mobile, Geomeet, Network Collector

Surveying & Cadastre

With Catalyst you can perform high accuracy survey and land administration workflows with your smartphone. With enough accuracy to support data collection and stakeout workflows, get to the point faster with Catalyst.

Example apps:  Trimble Penmap for Android

Aerial Mapping

Catalyst is the ideal tool for efficient, streamlined ground control point capture for UAV mapping workflows. Catalyst is already supported by a range of GCP apps.

Example apps:  3DR GCP, Drone Deploy, Trimble UAV Ground Control


Whatever app you use, supercharge your workflow with high quality GNSS positioning.

  • Works out of the box – With the option to plug directly into the Android OS, Catalyst can provide high accuracy to any location-enabled app, right out of the box.
  • For developers – Integrate support using the Catalyst SDK to completely control the receiver. Contact us for more information.

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