senseFly Aeria X

Photogrammetry Camera

Map for more hours per day


The senseFly Aeria X is a compact drone photogrammetry camera.

This rugged innovation offers the perfect blend of size, weight and DSLR-like image quality. It offers stunning image detail and clarity, in virtually all light conditions, allowing you to map for more hours per day than ever before.


Smart Exposure technology

  • Optimised exposure time suits numerous light conditions, including low-light
  • Super sharp, rarely over-exposed images
  • Minimal risk of noise & motion blur

APS-C Sensor

  • Resolution of 6,000 x 4,000 pixels (3:2)
  • Final format DNG+JPEG

Direct In-Flight Georeferencing

  • Records the GPS position and exact orientation of senseFly Aeria X at each capture location
  • Less image overlap is required, enabling greater flight coverage and quicker image processing
  • Improved reconstructions over difficult environments (water, forests etc.)

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