Parrot Sequoia+

Multispectral Camera

Capture the invisible


Based upon years of global Parrot Group research and experience, the Sequoia+ multispectral camera offers a unique blend of accuracy, production quality and competitive price.


4 bands & RGB

This lightweight, adaptable and value-packed multispectral camera features two types of sensor for the price of one: four multispectral sensors featuring green, red, red edge and near-infrared bands (1.2 MP), and RGB, plus a sunshine (light) sensor.


Large coverage

The Sequoia+ offers the greatest single-flight coverage of any multispectral sensor in its class (e.g. nominal coverage of 200 ha / 494 ac with an eBee SQ drone flown at 120 m /400 ft).


Global shutter

The Sequoia+ multispectral camera features global shutters for distortion-free image captures.


Absolute measurements

When used with Pix4D software, the Sequoia+ is the first multispectral drone camera to provide absolute reflectance measurements without the need for a radiometric calibration target—saving time in the field and enabling highly precise measurements.

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