eBee GEO
Survey and map more for less
eBee X
Map without Limits
eBee AG
Map your crops in minutes
Designed for First Responders and Enterprise Professionals
Aerial efficiency, photogrammetric accuracy
eBee SQ
The advanced agricultural drone
eMotion 3
Advanced, scalable UAV software

Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas – the “Air Capital of the World” – AgEagle is a global UAV industry pioneer engaged in delivering a unified line of high-performance flight hardware, sensors and software that have earned the longstanding trust and fidelity of customers worldwide over the past decade.

Advanced UAVs matched with high precision sensors and smart, easy-to-use and enabling ground control and analytics software are indispensable building blocks for delivering valuable, actionable, data-driven insights. However, AgEagle’s ingenuity isn’t simply limited to delivering great tools to perform the same operations better. Innovation is about technology, but it is also an intellectual orientation deeply embedded within our DNA.

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