Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Portable catamaran  for hydrographic survey


The HyDrone-ASV is a one-man portable, autonomous and remotely controlled catamaran platform developed for hydrographic survey applications. This highly economical platform provides the same survey results as more expensive remote-controlled survey systems.

Working in conjunction with the HydroLite-TM portable echosounder kit, the HyDrone accomplishes the same results as more expensive RC survey systems. The lightweight, wide profile, and watertight construction provide stability, ruggedness and portability. It is manufactured from high quality marine materials and components and easily disassembles for transport and shipping.

Work environments include mines, sewage treatment plants, contaminated lakes, harbors and rivers.


Hardware Specifications

  • Survey Speed: 3 kn
  • Top Speed: 6 kn
  • Hull Length: 116 cm
  • Hull Width: 21 cm
  • Full Width:  73 cm
  • Hull Material: UV Resistant HDPE
  • Frame: Aluminum Powder Coated
  • Hardware: Stainless Steel
  • Empty Hull Weight w/ Batteries: 9.8 kg
  • Payload: 15kg
  • Power: 2x 14.8 VDC 16 Ah Battery LiPo
  • Battery Endurance: 8 HRS
  • ECU: 2x 120 amp
  • Motor: 2x Brushless Thruster
  • Steering: Differential
  • Remote Control: RCU 2.4Ghz Long Range
  • Remote Range: Up to 1 km
  • Hatches: 4x 7″ Watertight Closures
  • GPS: All Brands
  • Echosounder: Seafloor HydroLite™-, HydroLite-DFX


  • The desired depth sounder can be pre-installed or supplied ready to accept existing equipment from the user’s surveypool.
  • HyDrone™ can be outfitted with singlebeam, multibeam, sidescan sonar systems and ADCPs.
  • Maintain line & fixed heading for ADCP Surveys.
  • For professional hydrographic survey requirements, HyDrone™ may be tailored for individual customer specifications. Additional features are available, please contact your Seafloor representative.

Software Compatibility

HyDrone™ is compatible with hydrographic data acquisition software such as Hypack, Carlson, Trimble Business Centre, Leica, Sokkia, Topcon etc.


Transportation & Deployment

HyDrone™ is one person portable, allowing easy access to remote and dangerous areas.

  • High-quality marine materials.
  • Easily disassembles for transport and shipping.

Semi-Autonomous & Remote Control

Controlling the HyDrone™ is easy using a long-range, remote control unit (RCU).

  • Up to 1km range.
  • Eight hours survey endurance.
  • Maneuver easily with powerful differential thrusters.


Sonar Modules


HyFi Plus™



Dual Frequency Echosounder 200/30 KHz

HydroLite ™ Pole Kit

SonarMite™ MILSpec Echosounder






Auxiliary Sensors


AutoNav ™ Control System

Built-In Telemetry System

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