Single Beam Sonar System

Portable single frequency hydro-graphic survey solutions


The HydroLite-TM is easy to setup and should be included in every Survey- and Engineering company’s standard equipment kit for hydrographic surveying.

Developed to meet the requirements of the U.S. Army Tactical Dive Teams, the rugged, wireless HydroLite-TM looks and feels like your traditional survey instrument. It quickly measures and logs depths more accurately than standard systems, making fast work of ponds, rivers and lakes.


Hardware Specifications

  • Power: Rechargeable 12v battery
  • Hardware: HydroLite Boat Mount/Pole Kit
  • Frequency: 200-KHz
  • Beam Width:
  • Ping Rate: 6-Hz
  • Depth Accuracy: 1cm / 0.1% of depth
  • Output Formats: NMEA, ASCII, Quality
  • Operating Range: 0.3m–75m
  • I/O Connections: serial, Bluetooth®
  • GPS Compatibility: Trimble, Leica, Topcon, Sokkia, Epoch, Carlson, HYPACK, QPS, EIVA, POS.

Key Features

  • Portable, integrated hydrographic survey solution
  • Single frequency
  • Adaptable to any vehicle
  • Wireless data transfer direct to data collector
  • IP-65 Environmental specification
  • Quickly exports co-ordinate data

System Includes:

  • HydroLite-TM Echosounder Kit
  • HydroLite Boat Mount / Pole Kit
  • Rugged Shipping Case
  • User Manual / Training Manual
  • 1 Year Support & Warranty

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