Unmanned Surface Vehicle

High-end autonomous catamaran for hydrographic survey


The HydroCat-180 is a USV capable of transiting from inshore out to offshore environments whilst carrying high-resolution payloads to conduct full autonomous hydrographic surveys.

The HydroCat-180 is an 18-ft (6 m) catamaran, with individually articulated hulls, a gimballed deck, and dual-actuated electric motors. Additionally, the vessel can be transported via trailer, has a retractable sonar mount, SVP winch, and is capable of operating autonomously.


Hardware Specifications

  • Length:  5.5 m
  • Width:  2.5 m
  • Overall Height:  2.3 m
  • Endurance:  8-12 hours
  • Equipment Payload:  365 kg
  • Propulsion:  Dual Electric Outboards
  • Communication:  WiFi Data Com System
  • Computer:  Onboard Industrial PC
  • Batteries: 2x
  • Survey Speed:  2.5 – 4 kn
  • Max Speed:  6 kn

Key Features

  • Wifi Data Communication System
  • Onboard Industrial PC
  • Individually Articulated Hulls
  • Gimballed Deck
  • Mast
  • Remote Controlled Sonar Deployment System with Locking Piston
  • 2 batteries (+ 2 spares) – 48 volt 150 Ah
  • 2 x 10HP Torqueedo Motors
  • AutoPilot
  • Trailer
  • Nav Aids (Strobe, Nav Lights, Day Shapes)

Available Componants

  • Single / Dual Head Ultra-High Resolution Multibeam Echosounder
  • 180 – Degree HD Video Camera
  • Sound Velocity Profiling Winch
  • Sidescan Sonar
  • Magnetometer
  • Sub Bottom Profiler

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