MicaSense Dual Camera

UAV Payload

Unlimited Analytical Capabilities in one payload


Producing aligned 10-band data is much more valuable than simply providing two separate 5-band maps. The MicaSense Dual Camera System Payload synchronizes capture of all 10 bands allowing the creation of multiple indices and new analytics. During processing, bands from either camera may be used interchangeably.

Thanks to easily plug and play payloads, an even wider range of sensors is available in combination with the MicaSense Altum or a RGB camera. Combined with the versatility of our Trinity F90+, the range of applications is larger than with any comparable product on the market.

The performance you rely on from MicaSense, with a new coastal blue band, a new green band, and three new bands in the red to red-edge region of the spectrum. Five new bands that enable direct comparison between satellite and drone data.

  • Synchronized capture of all 10 bands for pixel aligned imagery
  • Standard 12 bit TIFF file outputs with embedded metadata for full access to raw data
  • Combined Downwelling Light Sensor and GPS for streamlined integration, accurate ambient light calibration. Only one DLS required (already integrated in the main body of the Trinity F90+)
  • Radiometrically calibrated spectral images for precise, repeatable measurements.
  • Global shutters on all 10 lenses for distortion-free results

Key Benefits of the MicaSense Dual Camera System Payload

  • Double the bands for double the analytical capabilities
  • Monitor shallow water environments with the new coastal blue aerosol band
  • Compare imagery directly with Landsat and Sentinel satellite data
  • Perform detailed analysis on chlorophyll efficiency or the red edge slope with new red, green and two new red edge bands

No belly landings

Rough landings should be avoided at any time. We unconditionally rely on vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) to guarantee smooth landings and therefore a long service life. The landing gear additionally supports the safety of the components by offering additional flex.


Easy payload swapping

Payloads can easily be swapped in seconds. No tools are required and the sensors are highly integrated to support the pilots’ mission planning.


Easy access to your data

Access to the recorded data is uncomplicated via external card slots. If more sophisticated storage solutions are necessary, our payload compartment provides enough space for this option.


Payload damping

All cameras are damped against in-flight vibrations to guarantee highest image quality.

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MicaSense Dual Camera

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