3D Processing software

Creating clean, geo-referenced point clouds automatically


Powered by the world’s leading SLAM algorithm alongside 3D visualisation of your data, additional processing and filtering, workflow automation tools and integration into third party software applications.  With the press of one button, your data will be automatically processed, saved in a folder of your choice, and prepared for the next step of your workflow.

What you get with GeoSLAM Connect

SLAM Environmental Pre-sets


Common data capture scenarios, such as UAV, outdoor, indoor, linear, and vehicle, have been characterised in Connect and data processing pre-sets for each environment have been defined. These can be selected at the beginning of the data processing stage allowing this process to be highly simplified.

Stop and Go Geo-referencing


Known control points are captured during a scan and automatically compared and matched to the associated coordinates during the processing stage in Connect. A rigid and/or a non-rigid adjustment can be made to the dataset and an accuracy report is exported, highlighting how successful the transformation was.

Closed & Open Loop Geo-referencing


Both methods match the scan data from a ZEB Locate system with the GPS data collected from the antenna to geo-reference the point cloud. When a scan starts and ends in the same place, this is classed as “closed loop”. “Open loop” is when the start and end position of a scan are in different locations. Standard SLAM practices apply to both methods of data collection.

Stop and Go Alignment


Common static points are captured during several scans meaning that these datasets can be automatically aligned. A single point cloud is then exported as if the data was captured in a single scan.


Data Import

Drag and drop datasets into Connect where a pre-selected workflow will automatically begin processing. Datasets can also be browsed and selected for upload.

Automated Workflows

Common workflows, such as importing the data, adjusting the parameters and exporting along with many others, can be automated into a single operation. This simplifies data processing for users.

Data Management

Data files can be sorted into projects defined by the user. Projects can be used to manage multiple scans from a single site, date or operator or from a common data processing workflow.


Intuitive Interface

The Connect viewer is integrated into the main software interface making it easy to view multiple point clouds simultaneously and measure the distance between data points.

Floor Slices

Horizontal and vertical slices can be taken from any location within the point cloud. Horizontal floor slices can also be automatically taken at a given height above the floor as defined in the processing stage.

Draw 4.0

Connect is integrated with the latest version of Draw (4.0). Draw projects can be created automatically for any dataset if selected at the beginning of the processing stage. Draw comes in a number of configured industry packages and is purchased separately.

GeoSLAM Beam

Our latest and leading SLAM algorithm that powers the Connect platform.

Change detection

Mostly used in the construction industry, multiple point clouds can be compared and any areas that have changed are automatically highlighted. Point clouds can also be compared with CAD models – for instance to track progress on a construction site – and PDF reports can be generated to present this information.

Phone App

The phone app integrates photos, notes and voice notes, alongside custom asset tags while capturing data. The smartphone data is then processed and located inside the point cloud to provide an additional set of information to help interpret point clouds.

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