GeoSLAM Changing The Economics of 3D Laser Scanning

GeoSLAM Changing The Economics of 3D Laser Scanning with new product launches at INTERGEO

Sep. 25, 2017 – The experts in “go anywhere” 3D mobile mapping are launching the latest version of their award-winning SLAM registration software at INTERGEO 2017.

GeoSLAM Hub, the successor to GeoSLAM Desktop, will be officially released at the conference and trade fair at the Berlin Exhibition Centre, Germany between 26-28 September.

GeoSLAM Hub enables truly ‘end to end’ data capture with users able to process, merge and output 2D and 3D deliverables all within the one software package.

Mark Reid, VP of Product Management at GeoSLAM, said:
“It’s great to be heading back to INTERGEO to launch GeoSLAM Hub. Our latest software offering is truly an ‘All in One’ solution for 3D point cloud manipulation. The Hub has built on the strengths of GeoSLAM Desktop with its ability to process anywhere, anytime, but with a whole new range of functions. One of these is GeoSLAM Draw – which allows the simple and rapid creation of 2D plans, sections and elevations from a 3D point cloud.”

Besides this exciting new software offering, GeoSLAM will also be launching the next generation of the hugely popular ZEB-REVO mobile scanner.

ZEB-REVO RT will cut survey times in half, by collecting and processing scan data simultaneously whilst on the move. The 3D scan is displayed in real time on either a mobile phone or tablet, connected wirelessly to the scanner, allowing for immediate visual feedback on coverage and data quality.

The time-saving and hassle-free solutions developed by GeoSLAM help to ensure that customers are completing jobs 10 times faster than when using traditional survey tools – and slashing up to two-thirds off project costs.

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