True View 435

3D Imaging Sensor

Utility Grade Mapping Sensor


True View 435 is the most economical platform for utility-grade mapping. GeoCue’s True View 435 is our next generation compact 3D Imaging System that has sensitivity needed for infrastructure mapping. In addition, its superior ground capturing capabilities for lightly vegetated areas make this the most economical platform for utility grade-mapping.


Dual Cameras

Two GeoCue Mapping Cameras provide a 120° field of view, coincident with the laser scanner track. The 25° oblique mounting ensures the sides of objects are imaged, allowing a true 3D colorization of all LIDAR points.


LIDAR Scanner

The Quanergy M8 Ultra scanner provides range of up to 100m with three returns per outgoing pulse.


Google Processor

A Google® Coral TensorFlow Processing Unit provides exceptional power as the True View central controller. The CCU coordinates all on-board functions of the system.


Applanix Positioning

A sensor can be no more accurate than the position and orientation system. GeoCue incorporates the industry’s most accurate and reliable POS – the Applanix APX series. APX post-processing is accessed via the included True View software, providing “pay-as-you-go” access to SmartBase and Trimble PP-RTX positioning services.


True Track® Flightlines

Post-processing software uses positioning system information to perform roll compensation at the individual scan line level.

This allows reduced overlap between flight lines, increasing platform flight efficiency.


True Time Synchronization

Fusing sensor data requires exceptional timing synchronization among the positioning system and all sensors. True View’s System Synchronization Unit (a GeoCue designed Master Clock), ensures sensor coordination at the microsecond level.

What’s Included


True View 435 3D Imaging Sensor


  • True View Battery + Battery Charger
  • External Power Adaptor
  • USB
  • Control Box
  • GNSS Antenna
  • Sensor Hardcase


True View EVO Processing Software – Includes Applanix POSPac


True View Reckon Data Management Portal


1 year of hardware and software support


Subscription Option

The True View 435 3D Imaging System is available under our subscription offering!

Explore Drone LIDAR at Low Risk and Low Cost. This unique business model that allows customers to acquire a True View 3DIS under a subscription model for periods as short as 1 month! This is an excellent model for seasonal use and surge capacity.

Our True View Rental Program works off a point system giving users the ability to control the usage of their subscription hardware and processing workflow.

True View


Complete Workflow Software

GeoCue’s True View® EVO software, bundled with every system, provides a complete post-processing workflow solution from project creation through final products.


Metashape for EVO (MfE)

We have built interfaces directly into our drone mapping processing software, True View EVO, for driving both an embedded version of Metashape (Metashape for EVO, MfE) as well as the full GUI version of Metashape Professional.  This design provides a seamless photogrammetric workflow for users of EVO processing software.

Metashape for EVO supports the generation of:

  • Block Bundle Adjusted (BBA) imagery for improving positional accuracy
  • Point clouds from imagery (“structure from motion”) – typically used in DJI camera workflows
  • Orthomosaics

StripAlign for EVO (SAfE)

Data can exhibit small geometric inconsistence, especially when combining data from multiple flights. BayesMap StripAlign for EVO detects and corrects these errors via an application of sensor-specific mathematical modeling. SAfE is a fully automated process with no need for users to set project-specific “tuning” parameters or to move in and out of the EVO processing environment – press a button and it works!



True View Applications

Utilise True View’s 3D Imaging Systems for a full range of applications.






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