EXYN Technologies achieves Highest Level of Aerial Autonomy

Exyn Technologies recently announced that it has achieved what it considers the highest level of aerial autonomy reached within the industry. The key to the achievement is that Exyn drones are immune to GPS signal loss, meaning all spatial and mapping computations are done onboard.

Under Exyn’s definitions of autonomy, which are based on a similar standard applied to automotive, the company’s drones have achieved Level 4A autonomy. This means the drones are able to explore a designated 3D area without a remote operator in the backseat.

Exyn’s achievement is a major step up from the previous level 3 of autonomy, in which human interface is required to potentially take over – something that has prevented drones from entering spaces without ranging signals.

We developed an autonomous system that can take you into dark, dirty, dangerous environments” says Exyn’s CTO, Jason Derenick. “Place it at the edge of danger and send it off to collect the information that you need. Oftentimes the information you need is beyond the line of sight, both in terms of communications as well as visual.

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