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Access the inaccessible with Void Scanner real-time 3D laser surveying


A specialised, ruggedised instrument, Void Scanner uses time-of-flight laser measurement to map the shape, position and spatial location of voids, which helps ensure both the safety of personnel, and the protection of stock and underground sites.

Access the inaccessible with Void Scanner+ real-time 3D laser surveying

Void Scanner+ data is used to ensure more efficient and profitable mineral extraction. With accurate, up-to-the minute site maps, you can better monitor progress, improve planning, reduce wastage, maximise extraction and speed up project timescales.

Enhance project capability

Now with multi-station project capability, Void Scanner software enables you to scan from multiple locations and view the resulting scans together in real time for a complete 3D representation of the site.

Minimise safety risks

Flexible deployment options and wireless communication to the PC offered by the optional Wi-Fi box, mean operators can retreat to a position of safety and still view results during scanning.

Improve site management

Use Void Scanner data to better monitor and control ore loss and dilution by comparing the scanned stope with the design data. Scans also provide a record of daily productivity to support decision making.

The all-new VS+ comes with all the benefits of integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and a built-in rechargeable lithium power supply reducing the need for redundant accessories and cables.

This will ensure faster and simpler setup and deployment methods during mine operations.

Simplify operations

Quick setup and simple operation is essential for those who use Void Scanner+ for daily void volume calculations. Ten minutes is all it takes to unpack the system, connect cables, mount the boom and ready the software.


Speed up decision making

Each Void Scanner+ data point has XYZ co-ordinates to allow accurate geo-referencing with the mine’s co-ordinate system. This means that scans can be stitched together in real time for an instant visual of the site.

Reduce scanning times

With a 200 points per second scan rate, a horizontal scan extent of 360° and a vertical scan extent of 270°, the Void Scanner+ enables you to complete a detailed scan of 1˚ increments in under 12 minutes.

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