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Tough, simple and reliable – Spectra Precision Laser Levels tools are designed to withstand job site conditions in order to provide reduced downtime when it's really needed – when you are working.

Spectra Precision has been the leading manufacturer of laser levels since 1965. Each Spectra Precision rotating laser level provides a quick and easy way of checking elevations, transferring levels and calculating cut & fill. Turn it on, it levels and spins that's all there is to it.

Additional features available within the range:

Optional IR remote – allows the laser to be sloped whilst still remaining self-leveled in the cross axis. This is ideal for grade matching when working on driveways or patios.

5 year Warranty – LL300N and LL500 come with 5 year warranty.

Shockproof – where you see the shockproof symbol it means the product can be dropped 1m onto concrete or survive a 1.5m pushover on a tripod. Spectra Precision Lasers are designed for a tough life on the site.

That's why you will find Spectra Precision laser levels tools on more job sites around the world than any other brand.

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