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For Interior and Exterior contractors alike the Spectra Precision Horizontal Vertical Lasers levels provide level, line and 90 degree control.

Whether you are installing a suspended ceiling and require a highly visible rotating red or green beam or installing drywall and need vertical control or need to set a 90 degree the Spectra Precision HV range can do it all. Not limited to interior use*, all models will work externally with a laser receiver over distance for both horizontal level applications and vertical alignment such as setting out building alignments or plumbing facades.

This range of products work with an Infra-red remote control (RC601) to provide full control whether you are on the ground, walking on stilts or on an access platform. The beam can rotate or scan over a set area and be moved from one position to another using the remote control. All horizontal vertical lasers within the Spectra Precision range are durable and will work in the rain if you choose to use them outside.

Plumb beam – for 90 degree layout, checking the square of room or transferring points from floor to ceiling.

Scan Mode – easily switch from rotating with variable speed to scan mode. Preset line lengths can be set and moved from any position allowing for a brighter beam where you are working and allowing you to avoid glass areas.

IR Remote – allowing you to change speed, slope the laser (for sloped ceilings or grade matching) enter scan mode and move the beam.

Single axis slope mode - allowing the laser to be sloped on the X-axis whilst allowing the laser to remain self-leveled on the other axis

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