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Jason Pretorius

Jason is a registered Professional GIS Practitioner with the South African Council of Geomatics. He obtained an undergraduate degree in Geology and an honours degree in GIS and Remote Sensing [...]

Adrian Jonson

Adrian joined Optron in 2015 as the Business Development Manager for Infrastructure and Deformation Monitoring. Adrian is a registered Professional Land Surveyor, having obtained his BSc [...]

Etienne Coetzee

Etienne joined OPTRON in 2013 as Sales Consultant and currently holds the position of Regional Sales Manager for Africa. He graduated with a Diploma in Surveying from the Cape Peninsula [...]

Mike Lundie

Mike joined OPTRON in 2008 as a Sales Consultant in the Gauteng and Mpumalanga regions and currently holds the position of Regional Manager: Central Region. He qualified as a Topographical [...]

Tessa Swanepoel

Tessa joined Optron in August 2016 as Financial Manager. She has 24 years’ financial experience with a B. Compt. Honours and completed her 3 years articles with Deloitte.  Her experience includes [...]

Henno Morkel

Henno joined the OPTRON team in 2017 as the UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Specialist, and currently holds the position as the go-to person at OPTRON for all things related to UAVs / Drones / [...]